Level Up Online Learning

  • How to Maximize Your Tutoring Sessions

    If you’re a student or a parent whose child is studying, you should try the following tips to make sure you get the most out of your additional education. You’re paying for tutoring services online, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

    Philippine Education has been improving. In fact, 2018 saw an all time high in student enrolees at 27.7M enrollees and this number is expected to rise with more non-formal education programs being established. Though 2019 saw a minimal dip with 27.2M enrolees, the numbers plummeted in 2020 due to the pandemic and the divide brought on by digital access.

  • Tired of Studying Hard? Study Smarter

    If you’re a student who can’t seem to run out of things to study, here are some science-backed tricks to help you study smarter, not harder. Try these and find yourself making studying easier!

  • Don’t want to study? Bribe yourself to do it

    Having to study at home when no one is around to motivate you and make sure you’re watching that pre-recorded lecture on the history of human species can be tough. But here’s a trick you can try if you feel like watching Kdrama, playing video games, or eating that ice cream when you should be studying -- bribe yourself!
  • Preventing Burnout While Learning from Home

    Burnout while learning from home is a real concern. It can lead to mental health problems and also subpar peformance in school. To avoid burning out, you should have clear boundaries and set a strict schedule for studying and resting, designate a study spot within your home, engage in activities that bring you joy, and turn to your support system.
  • Passion Gets You Started; Perseverance Lets You Finish

    Passion stirs one’s emotions and motivates him/her to start. In this respect, passion is but a spark. It motivates a person to do something, however its volatility makes it an unreliable fuel that keeps you going till you achieve your goals. That’s where perseverance comes in. With self-discipline and conscientiousness, one can persevere despite lack of motivation and it is this power that keeps a person moving forward. 
  • Prioritize Personal Growth During the Pandemic

    It's normal to feel down and frustrated with the pandemic hijacking 2020. But what you do with these emotions can make the difference between you being stuck and you growing as a person. The next time emotions overwhelm you, ride them out, don’t avoid your emotions. Acknowledge them, and look within. Dare to ask yourself questions you try to avoid. Through reflection, we can better understand why we do what we do, and from that, we can create something out of nothing. We can grow ourselves by learning from our experiences and we can move forward in our lives with greater insight and better direction. If 2020 was taken away from you, then take it back. Gain control of your 2020 by making it a year of personal growth instead of stagnation.
  • 5-Step Guide: How To Be Online Learning Ready

    Here are 5 steps to help guide students and parents of students to make sure they have all their bases covered to start their online classes.

    1. Prepare a gadget for online learning.         

    2. Have reliable internet connection.

    3. Arrange a quiet and well-lit place for online learning.

    4. Select a good study table.

    5. Pick the right chair.

  • What is Your 2020 Persona?

    Personas are tropes built from the characteristics of people we find recurring around us. With 2020 putting us all in unique positions we've never been before, we're bound to notice changes in our lifestyles and even in ourselves. Hence, these 2020 personas are a bit different from what we usually see. However, while it's entirely possible to fully identify with only one persona, human beings are not one dimensional and are likely to be a combination of these personas. 

  • Is Online Learning Effective for Kids?

    It depends. Learning is not as clear cut for everyone because many factors influence one's learning. Although online education is a great alternative to traditional education because it is safer, more cost-effective, and time-efficient, it is new. Thus, it takes time to develop it into a tool as effective, if not more effective, than old tools used in educating learners.
  • Procrastination Can Be Good For You

    People often associate procrastination with weak will power, bad time management, and even laziness. But that is not always the case! Like anything, procrastination can be done strategically to benefit you. Exercising Active procrastination can help with prioritization, creativity, relaxation and mental health, and decision making. Why do you procrastinate?
  • 10 Things You Can Learn From Home During Covid Season

    10 things you can learn from home during Covid Season to Make Staying at Home as fun if not more fun than going out Photo by Sincerely Media on Un...